Home Theater

2014 – The Queen City (3/2/2015)

After a short stint in Atlanta, my wife and I decided to move again. We still wanted a warmer climate than Ohio, so we moved 3 hours north to Charlotte. I had thought I was done when I completed Theater 2.0, but we definitely kept an open mind when we were looking for houses. The one we ended up in had a perfect bonus room and so the third theater was born.
Queen City Theater

2012 – Home Theater 2.0 (4/13/2012)

After many years of living up north (Ohio), my wife and I decided to migrate to Atlanta. Unfortunately this meant leaving our old home theater behind. With the Home Theater as a priority for our new home, we’ve closed on a house with a workspace that will be perfect for a new theater. Click below to follow the progress and see updated pictures of our new theater build.
Edenwilde Theater 2.0

2005 – Home Theater 1.0 (6/1/2005)

Completed in 2005, our first dedicated Home Theater was the crown jewel of our custom built home. Built mostly as a DIY project, our Home Theater locked us into enjoying movies and TV on our OWN big screen for life. Click the link below to view pictures from the build.
Cherrybank Theater

1995 – The beginning… (1/1/1995)

My first foray into Home Theater was back in 1995 with the purchase of my first A/V receiver and speakers (BOSE). Back then, a VCR was my source component for movies, but things looked great on my 27″ TV.

In 1998, I purchased my first DVD player, and my dreams of a personal home theater began. Soon, I discovered AVS Forum and learned about Surround Sound, LaserDiscs, and Widescreen TVs. HDTV, HTPCs, and Projectors were next on my wish list.

In 2003, my fiancé and I decided to build the home of our dreams. With a blank canvas, I was set out to design the perfect home theater. After months of research on AVS, I decided to mimic a popular design used by several others on the site. The culmination can be found above.

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