1995 – The beginning…

My first foray into Home Theater was back in 1995 with the purchase of my first A/V receiver and speakers (BOSE). Back then, a VCR was my source component for movies, but things looked great on my 27″ TV.

In 1998, I purchased my first DVD player, and my dreams of a personal home theater began. Soon, I discovered AVS Forum and learned about Surround Sound, LaserDiscs, and Widescreen TVs. HDTV, HTPCs, and Projectors were next on my wish list.

In 2003, my fiancé and I decided to build the home of our dreams. With a blank canvas, I was set out to design the perfect home theater. After months of research on AVS, I decided to mimic a popular design used by several others on the site. The culmination can be found above.

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