Acoustic Treatments

After a couple days of searching, I managed to find a local supplier of the duct insulation recommended for the wall treatments. The supplier actually had two of the many products that can be used. One product is called Owens Corning 703 Rigid fiberglass, the other, Johns Manville Linacoustic RC. Both provide similar acoustical qualities, but the OC 703 came in 2’x4′ sheets vs. a 100′ roll, making installation a breeze. I was able to quickly treat the walls behind the screen wall and installed standards for shelving to hold the center channel. Once I find (or rip my own) 1″ firing strips, I’ll be able to continue with the OC 703 around the rest of the room. I’ve also started on the shelving for the equipment rack and media storage, so look for pictures of that soon too.

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