Acoustic Treatments

As some of you may know, when you shop for lumber, a 1×3 is really not 1″ x 3″, but smaller. So when I needed to find 1″ thick furring strips to match the 1″ thick insulation, I looked all over to no avail. Finally I convinced a nice young man at Lowes to rip down a bunch of 2x6s for me to get my furring strips. Unfortunately, a manager looking type came over and claimed that the cuts were “too small and would burn up his saw,” so he ended my strip count at 30. So, for the past couple days, I’ve been pre-drilling, countersinking, gluing and screwing nearly 30 furring strips onto the walls. These furring strips are what the fabric covering gets stapled to, and they provide a place to attach chair rail and base trim.

With most of the furring strips in place, I’ve been able to complete the OC 703 insulation around the room. Per recommendation, the OC 703 is to extend from the floor to just above ear level. Since ear level is approximately 44-48″, each 4′ sheet of insulation is the perfect height. Regular polyester quilt batting will fill in the areas above the OC 703 to fill out the 1″ space. I had some left over pieces, so I added it to the ceiling behind the proscenium as well as underneath the center channel shelf. I’ve also started to prepare the wiring and install some of the equipment behind the proscenium in preparation for black fabric.

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