Switches & Fabric

No new pictures from the weekend, but quite a bit more done. Unfortunately, I was reminded the hard way to check that all the proper parts are in place before taking things apart. After pulling out all the wiring and old switches, I realized I needed a couple parts to be able to install the X10 dimmers.

That wasn’t going to stop me, however, and with the main lighting off and only a small lamp, I managed to get the mulberry fabric completed on a few sections. The mulberry goes much quicker than the midnight since I don’t have to mess with back-stapling the top furring strips. Only a couple sections left. Later that evening I did stop off at Home Depot for the parts I needed and finished the dimmer install. (Pictures in other posts)

Although they haven’t been ordered yet, we’ve made our final choices on model, fabric and leather of the chairs. Close up pics of the fabric and leather selections will come in a later post. Once we do place an order, we hope to have them in 6-8 weeks.

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