PJ & Fabric

Had the weekend to myself and boy did I need it. On Friday I was up until 2am trying to reroute some cables through the conduit from the pj to the equipment room. If you look at my construction pics you can see I had to put a couple bends into the conduit so that made things especially tough. I managed to get them all through, thankfully. The next morning, with the new 6″ pipe, I was able to get the pj mounted in its final position and connected. Of course I spent some time (couple hours) making sure all the inputs and cables worked fine. Since I was borrowing a co-workers mitre saw for the weekend, I needed to get back to task. I hoisted the side columns into place so I could measure and set about cutting my base trim and chair rail. With that out of the way, I went back to working on the fabric and finished the majority of the sections remaining. On Sunday, my wife helped me with the final sections of fabric and finished installing the rest of the sconces. All that is left now is to repair a stud in the proscenium, install the speakers into the columns and secure the columns to the wall, order and mount the screen, finish the screen wall fabric, and paint and install the trim and chair rail. One positive note – the chairs have been ordered and are on their way!

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