Soundproofing – Part 1

Now that the room had been stripped down, it was time to start rebuilding, and that meant thinking about soundproofing from the rest of the house. What you can’t see from the plans or pictures is that this room is directly below our kitchen, which has hardwood floors and so every footfall from my wife and dogs can be heard clear as day. After researching soundproofing techniques for walls and ceilings and hearing first hand from some folks on AVS, I determined that I was going to need to use double drywall and a sound damping material called Green Glue. This would need to go in between each joist. What you see in the following pics are the strips of drywall and the Green Glue used. I could immediately tell the difference once I got the first layer completed, and knew it was only going to get better as the Green Glue cured over the next 30-60 days. It was a pain in the butt to install, but it made a world of difference in the amount of noise that can be heard in either room.

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