Despite having the projector and chairs since the end of December, the theater was essentially useless since we didn’t have a screen. Due to the holidays and other delays, my custom made screen from Jamestown Screens didn’t arrive until February. 🙁

The free time, however, allowed me to work on building the screen wall supports which are just 2x4s screwed and glued and setup like goal posts. In the pictures they’re painted white, but later I repainted them black as they were reflecting light and could be seen through the screen.

Once the screen arrived, construction went quickly. The material is the Seymour AV Center Stage XD. It’s an acoustically transparent screen that allows for the speakers directly behind the screen with very little attenuation. This time around I wanted to go with a Scope sized screen or 2.37:1 aspect ratio. It’s 130″ wide and 54″ tall which equates to a 141″ diagonal screen for Scope format movies. For standard HDTV or 1.78:1 movies it’s approximately 110″ diagonal. The surrounding panels were cut to size and wrapped with black-out velvet.

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