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As summer progressed here in Hotlanta, we had the unfortunate circumstance of a 15 year old AC unit finally dying. However, I was able to turn those lemons into lemonade and put together a new zoned system for the theater … Continue reading

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Soundproofing – Part 1

Now that the room had been stripped down, it was time to start rebuilding, and that meant thinking about soundproofing from the rest of the house. What you can’t see from the plans or pictures is that this room is … Continue reading

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2012 – Home Theater 2.0

After many years of living up north (Ohio), my wife and I decided to migrate to Atlanta. Unfortunately this meant leaving our old home theater behind. With the Home Theater as a priority for our new home, we’ve closed on … Continue reading

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Wanting to see what was inside the walls and soffit, I began to punch holes and tear down some of the existing drywall to take a peek. What I found was a lot of wasted space, so my plan was … Continue reading

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A blank canvas

Here is the old workshop that will one day become Home Theater 2.0. There appears to be some rather large soffits and wall cavities that I can probably pare down to gain a few more inches and that room in … Continue reading

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And 2.0 begins…

In 2011 my wife and I relocated to Atlanta. While searching for homes, space for a Home Theater was high on the priority list. After only a couple months of searching, we found a beautiful home that had a perfect … Continue reading

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Happy 2008 + New Car!

Happy New Year! It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated my blog, but I felt today was a good time to do so. (Plus, I finally remembered how to log into the system 🙂 ) I hope everyone had … Continue reading

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After nearly two years of theater enjoyment, I felt the need to finish the exterior look by building the remaining poster lightboxes. (Actually, the wife pressed me to get them done, but once I started, I was on a mission.) … Continue reading

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Movie Marathon

A while back, some friends and I decided to plop our butts into my custom theater seats and spend 9+ hours watching all 3 chapters of the Extended Editions of the Lords of the Rings trilogy. We planned on taking … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me! That’s right, today is my birthday, and a big one at that. On December 15th, 1975, 30 years ago, I entered the world. And what a world it has become. I still … Continue reading

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