Was able to work most of the weekend and got quite a bit accomplished. Friday night I unpacked my receiver and CD changer so that I would have some listening material while working on the rest of the room. I also managed to get all the polyester batting up on the walls. It went much faster than I anticipated. On Saturday I put the first coat of paint on my shelves, but somehow forgot to take a picture. Since I am using Antique White to match our trim, you wouldn’t see much of a difference in the pictures anyway. I also painted the trim surrounding the equipment rack. (moving the receiver and changer first, of course) While those were drying, I worked on the rope lighting, low voltage wiring and the projector mount. The mount is cut from 1/4″ plexiglass and will use a floor flange and pipe system to mount to the ceiling. The springs under the plexiglass are used for any minor adjustments to the skew and height at each location. I would’ve had it mounted on Saturday, but I can’t seem to find the final piece that mates up to the floor flange. Off to Lowes I go. Sunday was more of a cleaning day around the house, but I did manage to get the second coat of paint on the shelves and moved them to their final location once they were dry. I also made my trip to Lowes and picked up the rest of what I need to hang the pj. To help hide the large cavity in the ceiling, I mounted magnets to the bottom of a piece of plexiglass, painted to match the ceiling. Turns out 2 magnets aren’t enough to hold it, so I’ve got to mount a third one.

I hope to have the materials for the columns all set to go and be ready for fabric very soon.

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