Equipment Rack

Between waiting for contractors and telecommuting into work, I managed to get quite a few more things done yesterday. After shifting each component around at least 3 times, I finally settled on an equipment rack configuration I liked. I had to keep in mind things like air circulation and heights of things like the VCR for little people. (nieces and nephews, not the other type of little people) Rope light behind the first row seating location went pretty smooth, and some jigsaw work was needed to fit the final mounting pieces into the ceiling. I also managed to assemble one set of shelves, but when I went to install them, it took some work due to some warped 2x4s. I also learned that I mismeasured one of the groves in the side panels, but it should be an easy fix. I’m going to reroute the second set of shelves so as to make those correct before installation.

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