I can see the finish line…

After a couple week hiatus from the theater due to a trip to St. Louis and fighting with the builder, I’m back on track to be completed no later than June 25th. (My wife is throwing her first get together at the new house and wants everything done.)

Over the weekend I managed to construct the second set of shelving and install it in the wall. After a couple coats of paint, it will be ready to stock with our movies and memorabilia. With that out of the way, I moved onto installing the speakers in the side columns and securing them to the walls.

The trim that I cut a few weeks ago, also got a coat of paint and I was able to get a small section of base trim installed last night. While installing the trim, I found out the hard way that I didn’t cut some of the pieces correctly. After rereading that chapter on using a mitre saw (lol), I recut the pieces and painted them to match. For the steps I needed to hand cut the curves to fit the bullnose of the carpet, and some used some patch as well. A few modifications to some of the pieces, a couple brads and the trim will be done.

I planned the screen delivery perfectly, as it arrived just as I finished filling, sanding and painting. I made a few last minute adjustments to the center speaker, covered the bottom section with black fabric and installed the screen brackets. Stretching the screen material over the frame was quite a task and took me longer than expected. Once snapped together, I promptly mounted it on the brackets and sat back to enjoy the view.

To my surprise I received a call this morning that my chairs had arrived and were to be delivered this afternoon. Unfortunately, after dragging them down to the basement, I opened one up to find it was the wrong color. A quick call to Paul at Leather Direct had a replacement ordered. Another 5 weeks, but I can enjoy the existing chair until then. Oh well.

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