And we have liftoff!

After some long nights and weekends, I have finally completed the Lipszyc Home Theater. A big thanks to the AVSForum, without whom I would’ve never gotten into this crazy hobby! Also a big thanks to those who lent me tools or helped me lift over a ton of sand (Meesh). Now I can finally enjoy the fruits of my labor.

First movie? Not sure yet. I’m torn between Star Wars Episode IV and Fifth Element…the wife wants to watch Jurassic Park. Either way, I’ve already logged about 10 hours on the PJ watching the fabulous demo disc from Clarence. (click here for the torrent!)

Of course, nothing is ever really completed. I still want to program some additional scenes into my X10 light switches, and I need to revamp my Pronto remote to better control my new components. Plus, I have some space in my rack for another changer, or perhaps an HTPC. And it looks like I’ll need some more shelving soon. For now, I’m happy where its at, but I’ll continue to tweak as I go!

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